The injuries suffered by combat veterans can plague the body and mind long after the soldier has left the battlefield. For some, life can seem hopeless leading to the tragic self-inflicted loss of life. We strive to lessen these burdens by making a way for  veterans to experience the great outdoors as a way to revive hope and heal the body and mind. Mohawk Outdoors plans and guides outdoor hunting, fishing and camping expeditions for veterans in need of support. These life changing experiences are offered free of charge. We depend on the generous donations of our supporters to make these expeditions happen.  It is our hope that these experiences will enrich the lives, and offer hope to those who gave so much to our nation. 

Sgt. JD Williams



An avid outdoorsman, JD does not let anything keep him from enjoying a life of adventure. He has made it his life mission to inspire and support fellow vets.

Ashlee Williams

A proud military wife and caretaker, Ashlee works every day to improve and enrich the lives of those who have served and their families through volunteerism and veteran advocacy.

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